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Seelandheim Worben
Samuel Etter / Bauherr « Bereichsleitung Infrastruktur » l

In the MSR substations, the existing Selectron controllers are to be replaced by automation systems from Beckhoff. The substations will be connected to the new I&C system via Ethernet. The systems will be accessed via secure Internet access from the web browser of a PC.
In the existing control cabinets, only the automation system is replaced and rewired. All terminals and terminal designations remain unchanged.
The PLC is to be constructed in such a way that the wiring in the panel can remain in place and the conversion can be realized with minimal effort.

Employees Bühler+Scherler AG
Stefan Winkler

Samuel Etter
Seelandheim Worben

Thomas Stössel
Enerplan AG

Number of data points
Hardware about 5000
Virtual about 3000
40 Sub-distribution / MSRL panels
Integration of 14 cloud environments (one per building)