Building automation | Bühler + Scherler AG

This ensures networking and communication for employees, the facility manager, or the building owner. Bühler+Scherler not only utilizes the latest systems for new buildings but also makes existing functional or industrial buildings fit for the future and energy-efficient.


Building automation does not necessarily require a completely new solution. Thanks to modular products from Bühler+Scherler, existing building technology can also be successively replaced or upgraded. Complex integration solutions are possible at all levels: From the field level to the automation level to the management level. This provides the basis for effective energy and maintenance management. We meticulously ensure that heating, lighting or ventilation harmonize with each other and support each other with optimal energy efficiency. Our portfolio also offers interesting products and systems for your buildings. We are happy to help you find the right solution.


As a full-service provider of leading technologies and solutions for building management systems, we have decades of experience in building automation, which integrates the most diverse areas of technical building equipment:

– Heating
– Ventilation
– Air conditioning
– Lighting
– Shading
– Door management
– Safety engineering
– Fire safety
– and much more

Regardless of whether for a production facility in the food industry, for an office building, train station or hospital: Customers with the most diverse requirements for building automation rely on our solutions. We plan and implement future-proof controls from all relevant systems in the building that are easy to operate and communicate with each other.