Personnel changes 01.01.2023-31.10.2023 | Bühler + Scherler AG

Apprenticeship completion 

Dear Manuel and Nenad  
We heartily congratulate you for successfully completing your training as automation engineer EFZ and electrical designer EFZ. We are proud of you and would like to thank you for your commitment and your work during the training period


Completed continuing education  

Our employees successfully completed the following continuing education: 
– Szeliga Bartlomiej, Master of Science in Engineering  
– Roland Schick, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
– Philipp Svete, HF Building technology 
– Darko Gavrilovic, HF Electrical engineering 
– Paolo Columpsi, CAS KMU HSG 
– Vanessa Gjergjaj, HR-Assistant with HRSE certification  
– Joshua Müller, technical merchant federal diploma

Heartiest congratulations and we are happy that you could benefit from your learned technical knowledge! 



Congratulations to the following employees for promotion:  
– Ari Dietrich was promoted to Project manager 
– Philipp Svete was promoted to Junior Project Manager 
– Abdul Tarim was promoted to Junior Project Manager 
– Szeliga Bartlomiej was promoted to Junior Project Manager 



We are proud that we have been able to count many employees as part of Bühler + Scherler AG team for a long time. In the past ten months of 2023, we celebrated the following anniversaries:  
– Andreas Grüning 5 years 
– Bartlomiej Szeglia 5 years 
– Susanne Müller 5 years 
– Cyrill Weilenmann 5 years  
– Patric Tschudin 10 years 
– Thomas Riegger 10 years 
– Michel Schmid 15 years  
– Philipp Holenstein 15 years 
– Timon Sieber 20 years 
– Tatiana Polyakova 20 years 
– Patric Kaiser 25 years 
– Micha Berthoud 25 Jahre
– Erwin Rüdisühli 40 years 



Our two long-term employees Jürg Steiner and Christof Forster, began their well-deserved retirement in the last six months.  
– Thank you Christof Forster for your 39 successful years at
Bühler + Scherler AG 
– Thank you Jürg Steiner for your 32.5 successful years at Bühler + Scherler AG