A day at the rescue service Appenzell Ausserhoden | Bühler + Scherler AG

Advanced thesis

Our former apprentice and new employee, Cyrill Weilenmann, wrote a very instructive and exciting thesis about the rescue service Appenzell Ausserhoden at the end of 2021.

He was allowed to accompany the rescue forces for one day and learned about different rescue techniques and means of rescue.

He also shows how the SVAR (Hospital Association Appenzell Ausserhoden) is structured, what the difference is between the professions paramedics and transport paramedics and how missions are prioritized by the control center and what this means for the rescuers.


The day with the rescue service offered Cyrill many different insights into the activities of the rescuers.

For example, the day began with checking the ambulance for completeness.
Throughout the day, the rescuers took on various missions; two patient transfers, a blue light mission to a patient with chest pain, and finally a patient with acute respiratory problems who had to be rescued from her apartment with a stair chair.
Shortly before work ended, there was even an accident with the ambulance. A car driver overlooked the ambulance and rammed it. That doesn’t happen every day…

Cyrill learned what it takes to be able to perform a job in the ambulance service:
“I’m impressed by what paramedics do on a daily basis and the calmness with which they work, even in critical situations. … I also realized that besides pure medical knowledge, many other skills are necessary.”

Enclosed is the complete thesis as a PDF to read through (in German).